After Disney deal, WABC head gets ready to say hello.

Bob Iger, the chairman and chief executive of The Walt Disney Company and a lifelong fan of broadcasting, returned to his roots at WABC-TV this morning by visiting their weather team to say hello.

Mr. Iger became president and chief executive of ABC in 1996, and has led the television network since 2004. During his tenure as Disney’s head, the entertainment company has acquired several prime-time properties including ESPN, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm.

But Mr. Iger, who apparently has an affinity for forecasters, has long been a fan of ABC. “There are two things that Bob Iger loves,” network anchor David Muir said on “Good Morning America.” “Storms and storms and storms. He loves weather, and like no other, no one knows weather better than Bob Iger. So, he’s a sports fan who also loves movies and entertainment, and when he wasn’t meeting with the president or making executive decisions at Disney, he was sitting down with us at WABC-TV for a spirited conversation about growing, investing in sports and conquering weather.”

The other hosts of “Good Morning America” also broadcast from WABC-TV over the years. Mr. Muir has said that he would be eternally grateful to Mr. Iger and his fellow morning anchors as they helped him become a household name. “They are the ones who, for their whole careers, and many, many more that will follow, will remember my first stint on the show, and their dedication to the role of morning television, and what it can do for people,” Mr. Muir said.

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