Almost 100 cases of illness linked to St. Francis Xavier University

Puerto Rico’s health department says 129 cases of illness linked to a sickening outbreak at a New Brunswick university have been reported since early August.

Health Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Rivera says half the cases were reported by St. Francis Xavier University.

There have been no deaths and the department says the number of patients is gradually declining. There were 106 cases reported in August, 90 cases in September and 69 cases in early October.

All of the patients were exposed to a virus during a lecture series or participated in a concert.

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The virus, called coronavirus, was first identified in England in 2006, and is a strain of the common cold. It can cause an acute respiratory illness, often causing labored breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, fever and chills.

The health department says symptoms of infection start within two to 10 days of exposure and can be contained with “appropriate supportive care.”

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