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Atsushi Tomoyoshi to star in “Turning Red”

Atsushi Tomoyoshi to star in "Turning Red"

Director Domee Shi adds a charm factor to the perils of puberty in ‘Turning Red’

Young actor Atsushi Tomoyoshi will star in ‘Turning Red,’ a new romantic comedy by actor-director Domee Shi. This is Shi’s second feature; the first was Hiroko Mizuta’s “Yotsuya.”

In “Turning Red,” a high school boy who’s attracted to a girl with red hair becomes involved in a murder plot and must face the consequences.

Shuji Murikawa (Tomoyoshi) lives with his mother (Chizu Ikeda) and older sister (Sayaka Higuchi).

We were not able to obtain a synopsis.

What is the story about?

In the course of his high school life, Shuji (Tomoyoshi) is attracted to a girl, Chika (Nagako Kobayashi), with red hair. His friends tease him until he realizes the girl is in fact his long-lost grandmother. However, when Shuji becomes involved in a murder conspiracy with a group of bullies, his best friend, and a group of girls who share his crush, the plot is about to collapse in a cloud of blood and death.

What’s the plot?

Tomoyoshi plays Shuji Muraki in “Turning Red” at 20th Century Fox Studio in the fall.

He’s now seen as a junior high school student.

He has a red hair color in the picture, and his last name is Muraki.

No information has been released about a script, director and actors.

What’s in a name?

Shuji Muraki (Tomoyoshi)



Atsushi Tomoyoshi, 20, is a handsome actor best known for his role in “Yotsuya.” He was chosen for the lead role after “K-On! -The Movie-” as the third highest-ranked boy in a talent show. He also starred in “K-On! +The Power of the Witch” on TBS, and “Kisei Kyojin” for TV Tokyo as well as the role of a high school student in “Boku no Haka” for TV Asahi. Tomoyoshi is also the second youngest member of the boy band, SMAP. He is also a member of the musical group “Shinkin!”


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