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Concept stores in Bogotá

Concept stores in Bogotá

Bogotá’s ‘Concept Stores’ Showcase Colombia’s Emerging Brands

The Colombian city of Bogotá, which is now the capital of the nation, is known for its bustling urban grid and its art scene. In doing so, it has earned a reputation as a great place to shop, and it’s easy to see why. With an impressive array of trendy shops and boutiques to choose from, it’s no wonder that the city is one of the top shopping destinations in South America (aside from Buenos Aires, of course).

So, when it comes to finding the perfect clothes, why not stay in the capital? Why not venture out and find a brand that is growing with the city itself? One of those brands is Concept stores, which is now making its mark on the world and has a vision to help change the look of Bogotá. Its latest venture is a concept called Project Goliath, a shopping experience centered around Colombian fashion.

The Concept

The Concept stores, such as the one at Centro de Design, look and feel like a traditional department store with the look and feel of a modern boutique. The main features of a Concept store are the three floors of shops, a central location in Bogotá, and an extremely spacious and well-organized layout. Each floor of a Concept store gives its customers a great, different look and feel to their shopping experience.

The three floor layout consists of two wings in a Y-shape, which is the standard in concept stores. These floors contain multiple shops, which provide a well-rounded assortment of goods that is hard to come by in Bogotá.

The other floor contains smaller shops, which are more unique and quirky, and all of the stores are located within the same floor. The store at the bottom of the central level is the first floor, which has the most number of shops. These

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