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DCCC opens first office in Miami-Dade County

DCCC opens first office in Miami-Dade County

Republican turnout surging in traditionally blue Miami-Dade County – but Democrats don’t want to be seen as losing the county

After his victory in the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Monday opened an office in Miami-Dade County where a group of young members of Congress can canvass on Election Day.

The staff of DCCC Chairman Steve Israel is making inroads into the nation’s most populous Miami-Dade County, where there are 15 Congressional districts. And even though the DCCC has been making its presence in the South for several years, the group’s new Miami-Dade County office is the first dedicated to the state’s 12th Congressional District.

The primary in Miami-Dade County will be held on March 15.

“It’s our first time in Miami-Dade. It’s an open seat,” said DCCC Co-Chairman Keith Ellison, who won the Georgia U.S. Senate seat in January over Republican nominee David Perdue and will move to the 4th District in Minnesota. “We’re going to see whether we can’t increase our membership here in Miami-Dade.”

‘I don’t ever want to be the candidate that the party says, ‘Oh, the DCCC just lost a Miami-Dade County seat,’ because that’s not what I want to hear,” Ellison said. “People from all over the country are joining the DCCC and they’re getting involved in races and I’m not looking for a Miami-Dade seat. I want to win this seat, which is why I’m here today in Miami-Dade.”

The DCCC is looking to add young, diverse Democratic members of Congress to Florida’s

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