Happy Caribbean Black Cake Day!

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Pork belly, all the spices, coconut milk, cardamom and vanilla – which all go into making Caribbean black cake.

Goodness gracious. How are we meant to love it?

For this pan-Caribbean treat, you have to cook the lamb long so that it marries well with the coconut milk. Then you can only get a soft cake that soaks up the sticky spices.

And it keeps for days so you can dip it in hot pepper jelly, layer it with coconut milk and float it in a coconut or coconut milk mousse.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Crème fraîche, ice cream, rum and chilli with cream cheese is another flavour combination

There’s sugar, cinnamon, ginger and coconut to balance the savoury and sweet flavours. Another chocolate cake soaked with chocolate sauce and black currant compote is also available, but you’d have to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

You’ll probably want to leave the batter to cool for a few hours before you put it into the fridge and finally deep fry it.

For a dessert of vast glory, try it out for yourself by making a slow-rise version with a different flavour combination. That means drying for four to five hours and then fluffing it with a fork – or whipping the dough into smooth curds.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The coconut cream cheese would make a ‘helpful’ side dish if you were hosting a party

Next you can spoon it into the base of a glass, top with cream cheese, chilli, rum and blueberry compote and scatter with grated coconut.

Or go for a darker dessert that’s served to adults rather than kids, but as a base for molten chocolate cake, rum sauce, the cream cheese and crushed ice – or coconut and pineapple as a dessert bread.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Plan your meals in advance using ingredients that will hold up over time

Even if you prefer biscuits and/or toffee apples, enjoy Caribbean black cake – cooked for hours so that it sits in a pristinely clear liquid with just the tiniest amount of sugar.

It’s a story, but because of its delicacy, people go in search of a particularly lush black cake recipe.

Tell us about your Caribbean black cake recipes in the comments section below.

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