Lewis Hamilton shows off this side of his character

In addition to being an affable, preening and all-around entertaining young man, Lewis Hamilton also has another other set of skills that he regularly shows off.

And that’s how well he’s conditioned.

The 29-year-old Mercedes driver is perhaps the fittest man in motorsport these days, having been a professional racer since 1999 (plus the support of a trainer who accompanies him everywhere).

“I used to train on the bike when I was younger,” Hamilton recently explained to FOXSports.com. “It was the first thing I did.

“If I could have trained with the best ever, and been able to replicate (that training) in half the time, I would have done it. It is hard work.”

Hamilton’s brother, Nicolas, knows all about hard work.

He has followed his hero into the 1.6-liter, V8-engined world of motorsport. Nicolas, 19, is living the dream while being mentored by his older brother.

“Lewis is still my brother,” he told FOXSports.com “He is one of my role models.”

Nicolas noted that the level of interaction between himself and his little brother has become much more pronounced recently.

“He knows my point of view, and I know his,” Nicolas said. “There are far fewer arguments.”

For Nicolas, who is the reigning British junior Formula One champion, the feeling is mutual.

“I am so proud of him, and I am really glad I get to see Lewis so often,” Nicolas said. “It is an honor to me, and I am really happy.

“One of my best friends, both in the team and outside of it, is (Mercedes’ technical chief) Paddy Lowe. He was a very big help to me when I was getting started. He helped me develop my racing manners. If you have a flat tire, they are very sort of firm, very firm.

“I see a lot of him in Lewis, and his attitude is sort of similar.”

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