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Nury Martinez’s “Executive Agreement” With His Investors

Nury Martinez’s “Executive Agreement” With His Investors

Latino media grapples with how to cover the Nury Martinez scandal

Latino media figures are grappling with how to cover the scandal that has engulfed Nury Martinez, the former “Love & Hip-Hop” star once seen as a promising television star who was at one point seen as a possible future host of VH1 reality TV show “Shark Tank”.

The story began just days after Martinez announced he was getting out of the music industry following a public falling out with rapper, Lil’ Wayne. According to the Miami Herald, Martinez’s publicist and lawyer informed him that his contract was getting out of hand and it was time for them to talk.

The lawyer informed him of a meeting set up by the rapper with his investors. Those investors had a message for him, however, and that message was quite pointed. They asked him to not only come to an agreement with them, but to sign an “executive agreement” with them.

In essence, if they signed the executive agreement, then they would not sue him and his team. In return, they would have access to the exclusive music video footage he had recorded. And, they would receive the full financial rewards from the deals they made with him.

Shortly thereafter, the rapper revealed he was parting ways with his music agency.

The Miami Herald reported that after his attorney told Martinez that he had no choice but to sign the executive agreement or risk a lawsuit, the rapper sat down with his lawyer, his publicist and his investors.

According to a source close to the situation, Martinez told the investors he would do whatever they asked him to do in order to save his music career. Then, he sat down with the investors for a meeting.

But something still seems to be weighing heavily on Martinez and his team. The Miami Herald reported that his group has received multiple death threats.

For weeks, Martinez has kept his name out of the public eye. He has kept to himself, even telling his attorney to keep his clients out of the media whenever they have gone out to do interviews.

During the public falling out with Wayne, Martinez admitted he was not ready to be in the music industry anymore, according to the Examiner.

So, when Wayne called him on Monday, asking him to come to his office for a meeting, Martinez declined, according to the Miami Herald’s report. He also refused Wayne�

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