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Robert Downey Jr. Made a Comeback in the Film “All the Way”

Robert Downey Jr. Made a Comeback in the Film "All the Way"

‘Yellowstone’ star Wes Bentley says Robert Downey Jr. ‘saved’ him when he was battling heroin addiction

Bentley tells The Hollywood Reporter, “It really hit me hard, just realizing I had some demons to face and I really had to learn to live with them. It’s like, ‘OK, do you have any more?'”

Bentley, who was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role on the Netflix series, made a return this year to theaters when he appeared in the film “All the Way,” which stars Downey as a troubled musician who tries to find his purpose in life.

When asked how he was able to make a comeback, Bentley said, “I’ll always say Robert Downey Jr. is truly the one who saved me.”

“All the Way” was screened during the “Wes is God” event at the Santa Monica Civic Art Museum on Saturday.

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Bentley said when he first approached Downey about taking on the role of a drug-addled musician, he asked Downey if he would be up for the role.

“He said yes,” Bentley said.

Bentley said he struggled for years with alcoholism and drug abuse, which he had tried to battle as a musician.

“The pain and suffering of addiction has so much to do with that,” he said. “You just get to the point where there’s no hope.”

Bentley said he never made it to the point where he believed he had found his calling in life, but that “I realized the true value of my life when I got sober, and what my purpose is in life.”

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