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The Bride of Honour and the Bride of Honour

The Bride of Honour and the Bride of Honour

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal that they’re married

Lucky and Me

It’s a good day for the groom-to-be when his own mom will be his matron of honor at his wedding. Luckily for the happy couple, they both happen to have mothers who love them very much. Lucky’s mother, Betty, is in the Philippines for her son’s wedding. Puerto Rican bride Yolanda Soto-Vasquez, 26, is in St. Petersburg, Florida for her brother’s wedding.

The groom is a bit confused about why his mom and Yolanda’s mom will be his maid of honor and his bride of honor, respectively. But Betty told him that everything is going to be just fine, because they’re both in love. She’s already been to his cousin’s wedding, and she’s happy that her son is happy. (But then again, who says marriage is a choice?)

Yolanda’s family doesn’t have a whole lot of love for Puerto Rico—much of it due to the fact that Puerto Ricans make up a tiny portion of what would be the 4th largest economy in the world. Puerto Rican citizens are mostly a minority in St. Petersburg, and the local media is still trying to figure out why Puerto Rican women are as beautiful as they are (and they are) (holla!).

“I know I’m not beautiful in a typical way, but I love myself anyway,” Yolanda says. “I’m very confident, and I love my job, and I love my country, and all of us love Puerto Rico. We’re Americans first and Puerto Ricans second.”

As for the groom, he loves his mom and dad. He says that they love each other very much too. And he says that if they had the option to go to a different country than Puerto Rico, they would.

The wedding is on July 20th, which is when Puerto Rico is celebrating its Independence Day. In fact, it is so close to July 4th that one family member even brought in his 4-year-old daughter to be their maid of honor. (Of course, the maid of honor only brought the baby with her. The baby

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