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The Generation That’s Not Going to Vote Conservative

The Generation That’s Not Going to Vote Conservative

Letters to the Editor: Gen Z didn’t vote for centrism. It voted against Republicans.

To the Editor:

I hope you’ll be as amused as I was with this recent editorial by a student journalist. He wrote:

The best response to this election is an honest one. We need to realize that we’re a generation that’s not going to vote conservative.

Well, he’s right except the word “genesis”, “genetic” and “generation” aren’t words that begin with the letter “g” and the letter “s”. They begin with the letter “g” and the letter “z”.

Let’s just call them “Gen Z” and leave the “s” out of the names of these important “people” by the way.

The election will have a big impact on the future of the United States and the current generation of U.S. citizens. They just don’t have time for two-party politics or parties that are in bed with organized religion, which is the single biggest driver of political agendas in the United States. They’ve been taught to vote conservative, not liberal.

This generation is also going to be the generation that will write the history books and determine who their parents, grandparents or grandfathers were. They won’t know if there was a Republican or a Democrat who ran for president, they have no recollection of a Republican president who was “saved” by a “blue wave” or a Democrat who was “saved” by a “red wave”. They won’t remember if “Jimmy Carter” was defeated by Ronald Reagan, or a socialist from Canada. They won’t remember if there was a Supreme Court Chief Justice or a Supreme Court justice who ran for president. They won’t know what �

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