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The Los Angeles Times article quoted above would support that.

The Los Angeles Times article quoted above would support that.

Column: L.A., it’s time to choose a mayor. Is it Bass’ moment, or Caruso’s?


To quote from the article linked by @Markus,

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times

The mayoral race between former Mayor Richard F. Caruso and former City Councilman and mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa has become one of the most closely watched races in America’s most competitive city.

I think it’s more accurate to say that this race is currently a contest between two candidates and not necessarily between just one. But I think the Times article, quoted above, would support that. That said I don’t think Bass has been the best candidate for mayor in Los Angeles. He has not lived here for a long time in his current role as Ambassador to Australia. He’s not well known in the city. He doesn’t have many financial and personal connections or associations outside of his position as a prominent national politician. And he’s certainly not a proven leader. In this year’s election Bass is probably even less well known than Villaraigosa. That could be why he is competing with Villaraigosa. Villaraigosa has served more than ten years as Mayor, but that’s hardly a measure of his popularity. There is no way to know what his chances are against Caruso in a rematch. Caruso will almost certainly have to run as a traditional city councilmember or mayor of the city. Caruso is known for being an intelligent, thoughtful and pragmatic administrator and a progressive. He’s been a very good mayor and has been a very good mayor of Los Angeles. If Caruso is running for a second term as Mayor that would be a big vote of confidence for him. It would bring some needed visibility and visibility brings money and campaign contributions. The Times article I linked above is pretty much all negative

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