The Trump administration will investigate sexual misconduct claims in Dept. of Labor

You know a hot day is coming. We have. In anticipation of heat indexes that could hit triple digits on the East Coast, Schools are starting earlier. This year’s delayed start was officially announced Friday.

When Cuomo signs the 5-year education plan to determine how money will be spent in the state, and it approves change in charter schools and more funding for independent schools, as happens.

The New York Times is investigating the Environmental Protection Agency over the years.

And if you have one more opportunity to get someone to sign in to the Harry Potter-watching website, go take it. The Yule Log has been set up for the last 2 years, but this year, it could be history.

Political news:

Washington Post: Tax cuts and extra money from the economy are likely to trigger a wave of multimillion-dollar campaign expenditures in the fall, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign is putting out a release decrying the hyperpolarization of the election process, but don’t forget to stop by where it is being sponsored.

“As a recent poll showed, the ‘top tier’ GOP primary is over. Rick Robnett is a remnant,” said campaign strategist Lis Smith on the release.

Politico: After claiming that Jill Stein was at a “regular meeting” at the DNC, the Democrats have launched their own internal probe into how the party damaged itself with the WikiLeaks revelations and the departure of donor Marianne Gambelli.

The Wire: President Trump (PDF) tweeted his support for Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race, even when Cruz declined to state publicly his backing of Trump’s candidacy. There are a few votes that would point towards a connection: Cruz’s endorsement of the president (the only vote for Trump in the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference) and the endorsement Cruz gave Trump this summer in 2016.

Cable news:

CNN: The U.S. Navy called off a cargo ship that was temporarily stranded in a small New Jersey town due to food security fears, after chemical analysis showed the fuel didn’t threaten human health.

Fox News: Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., announced an 11th-hour plan to form an exploratory committee to explore a 2020 White House bid.

Fox Business: Keeping up with the crowd, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney argued that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos should make a new weight loss challenge: “you’re a billionaire so get back on the treadmill,” or something along those lines.

CNN: Alexis Glick, whose body was mauled by a tiger, was released from the hospital after nearly two months.

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