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The White Lotus: Slow Down

The White Lotus: Slow Down

‘The White Lotus’ returns for Season 2, slowed down and sexed up, it’s a season where you really don’t want it to end.

The first half of Season 2 of Showtime’s The White Lotus is called “Slow Down,” and like a good slow-moving car you can stop and take time to appreciate and enjoy, the second half, “Play,” is anything but predictable. In fact, after the first half, I almost expected it to be a totally different show.

The Black Lotus (Jeremy Allen White), the man of the hour, is on a quest to find his wife, the White Lotus. White is convinced she is dead; and there she is. After her disappearance, the Black Lotus sets out on a journey that might just bring them together. It’s a tale of deception, death, and love, a tale without a happy ending.

The second half of “Slow Down” is where White really gets us on the ride. After watching White and The Lotus take to the road to pursue their search through some of Los Angeles’ most dangerous and under-the-radar streets, we’re treated to some truly remarkable scenes where White’s life and marriage get taken on some truly unbelievable turns.

To recap, in the first half of the season, we get the story of White’s quest, which, in it’s own way, is nothing short of absurd. The Black Lotus, after his wife goes missing on her honeymoon, sets out on a quest to find her. In order to do that, he has to put aside his own life and, quite literally, put his life on the line to get to the woman who has taken him in after he went through a traumatic car accident.

White has been a struggling musician for years, but now, with the car accident, his world is destroyed. After his wife goes missing, he ends up on a quest to find her, and in the process, loses everything in his life. Everything.

The second half of the episode goes through that incredible journey that starts with the first, and is all the way through. “Play” is where things get really interesting. The second half is where The Lotus (Jeremy Allen White) and White’s quest becomes personal, and very personal. It is

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