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Trey Songz Sues Man He Raped and Threatened Him In An Elevator

Trey Songz Sues Man He Raped and Threatened Him In An Elevator

Rape lawsuit against Trey Songz dismissed over statute of limitations

A lawsuit brought by a former R&B singer against a man he says raped and threatened him in an elevator is being dismissed by an Ohio appellate court.

Trey Songz is suing his former R&B artist who he says forced him into an elevator after a concert in 2012.

The elevator wasn’t working and Songz was “overcome with fear, panic and pain. He feared for his life,” the lawsuit states.

“When he attempted to exit the elevator, he was pushed from behind and struck with objects that forced him face-first against the wall for a period of several moments,” the lawsuit states. “He was then dragged on his stomach through the parking garage to his car. After being hit in the face with his own car door, he was forced onto the floor by one or more of the defendants. They were then forced to sit on top of him, forcing him to spread his legs. He then was sexually assaulted while the defendants proceeded to assault Songz in earnest.”

In the complaint, Songz claims he was raped by several men, some of whom had his phone and clothes with them.

The lawsuit was first filed in February, just after Songz went to the hospital to treat injuries he sustained during the night his band performed at a festival.

The R&B singer says the alleged attack happened when he returned from the festival and got home. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Songz told police he remembers seeing a man in a long coat on the ground, then going into his room to get his phone and phone cords. He remembers hearing people downstairs, but nothing else until he was in the elevator. The lawsuit claims Songz was the first to call police, then took a taxi home and told his girlfriend that he was being sexually assaulted.

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