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Trump is not a racist at all, but rather a racist enough to deserve whatever comes his way

Trump is not a racist at all, but rather a racist enough to deserve whatever comes his way

Trump’s Don’t-Blame-Me Calculus And Trump’s Disparity

The New York Times reported on a bizarre theory that somehow the 2016 election resulted from a massive statistical error in Donald Trump’s favor:

“This might be a way to explain the electoral outcome,” said Dr. Joshua Rosner, a political scientist at Vanderbilt University. “But it still doesn’t answer the question of what caused it.”

The theory, which critics of Hillary Clinton said had come out of nowhere as the 2016 campaign wore on, suggested that the Republican nominee might have won because he might not have campaigned as aggressively as the Clinton campaign had advised, or because voter turnout was unusually high in Democratic-leaning states.

Dr. Rosner, the author of a new book on elections, called his analysis “a way to explain the outcome,” adding, “It doesn’t explain why it happened.”

In a telephone call with The Hill, Rosner said his findings only serve to reinforce the view that the Democratic primary process was a “rigged game.”

Trump-haters are still blaming the election results on Russia in spite of the fact that the media had already blamed the mainstream media for any number of things (including having called Barack Obama a liar, an “imbecile,” and an “incompetent failure”) that it might be blamed for.

“The idea that Trump can’t be blamed for the election is ridiculous,” said Rosner. “Look at the reasons he received 3 million less votes than Hillary Clinton. The media played a big role.”

Rosner and other election analysis experts said the disparity in vote tallies pointed to voter fraud, especially in states where voter turnout was high.

So Trump is not a racist at all, but rather racist enough to deserve whatever comes his way. How can one possibly conclude anything else?

Of course, there’s really no difference here; Trump is now the same as he was during the primaries, one with a long string of bad and racist decisions.

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