Where to stay in Capua, Italy: wine bar or swimming pool?

Just outside the Cuscinana’s bullring in the heart of Capua, the five-star Palladino Hotel and Spa is a perfect place to escape to in the wake of the Ryder Cup. Or any other round, for that matter, of golf. The penthouse suite, said to be inspired by the eponymous 18th-century Italian flagship ship and designed by the renowned Parr family, has its own hydrotherapy pool and its own 20m infinity pool as well as six balconies, with a ballroom for parties on the terrace. And if that wasn’t enough to get you off your bum and tee off, it comes complete with a fully equipped gym, sauna, steam room, reflexology room and beauty and massage salons.

Merle Applegate

Before you make the journey down, check out what’s in the vicinity. From the sandy beaches of North Mullaghana and Anascio to the craggy cliffs of Roncalli and Sant’Agata Banda Beach, this small but rugged coastline is perfect for sunbathing and lively nights out. And for those who fancy a more cultured experience the Bologna marina is also only a couple of kilometres away, with smaller ports and fishing villages, as well as Taormina’s Michelin-starred restaurants and wine bar s. Right next door to the Palladino is the Il Cinema Ristorante, a charming new Italian beachfront café and terrace with chic living rooms, that feel a world away from the images on TV. It’s all decidedly non-gridiron.

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