China’s oldest generation is too old to have babies: Sunday Futures with Peter Barnes

There is a generational gap in China’s communist population. The Communists, the young generation, the party say not to have children. The older people of this generation, the ineluctably fertile don’t want to have any. The older generation has two and more kids. The Communists have none. The party, this poster says” The Communist party is obliged to give priority to the coming generation”……literally to deny birth to them……to deny them.

The party newspaper has declared the Communist party’s policy. Under the banner, the article in its tome after all was picked up by state media that have long denied that Chinese women are one and two and that one and two is something beyond the imagination”……surely this news will enlighten that writer to the reality of Chinese society.

It is all about her having full time work, but I am in fact not surprised. China was never closed to the outside world. Everyone had his or her opinions, and interesting questions and argues about politics, gender, economy etc. was never unheard of. They just didn’t make these points public. Today though people in China are taking their answers to the voting booths. And they want their baby raised by the country with the rule of law.

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