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Alexander McQueen to be featured in British Museum exhibition

Alexander McQueen to be featured in British Museum exhibition

The Curious Case of the Alexander McQueen Graffiti Skirt [PHOTOS]

If we haven’t yet heard the end of the Alexander McQueen saga, we’re about to be introduced to an amazing new version of the fashion designer’s handiwork.

The London-based artist and “solo” street artist, who has been involved with all sorts of things as well as the world-famous Alexander McQueen trademarked by the label, is going to be featured in an upcoming show at the British Museum — the first time the fashion designer is ever on display at the museum, according to the museum’s press release.

According to the museum, “The exhibition, entitled ‘Solo: My Sculpture’, will open on 30 September 2017, and features a collection of works by Alexander McQueen, which have been created over several years, using materials and components that were previously found on the high street, and which feature his own brand and signatures.”

The show, which is on view from September 17 to January 4, 2018, is to feature works including “a red velvet jacket by British artist Ben Johnston featuring a leather jacket with a suede-covered hood and collar, and a suede bag that features a leather strap and buckle, and which was formerly owned by fashion editor Claudia Hammond. Another jacket, this one sleeveless, designed by British artist James Bynn is a wearable reference to McQueen’s iconic black jacket.”

McQueen is a major fashion and design star, whose iconic handbags have been featured in campaigns for a number of fashion brands, like Gucci and Zegna. For the past decade, McQueen has been heavily involved with his own fashion label, which uses elements of the McQueen label and trademarked by the fashion designer.

For the last decade, McQueen has been involved with a number of street art projects. Recently, his most significant work in the public eye involved his return to painting the London Eye in place of the old sign reading “No to Bullying.” He has also been involved with a number of other street art projects, which have attracted people like David Cameron and Prince Harry.

McQueen has made a name for himself as a

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