BREAKING: Internet Sensation Crazy Frog Releases ‘Tricky’ Song Cover

Crazy Frog, the 1988 alternative pop singer that became a YouTube sensation (and his own dictionary definition) was back on the pop music stage Saturday.

The south African-born Canadian musician released his first song in 12 years, the song cover of Run DMC’s “Tricky,” according to E! News.

The song will be featured in a short film, “Honest 2 Billboard,” directed by Nick Nickolaou, which will debut at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, from March 21 to March 24.

The series will feature five “Everyday People” narrating hilarious scenarios and music throughout the year, working their way up the corporate ladder to become Billboard Chart Leaders.

The success of the first song cover and the song itself will become available on iTunes and Spotify tomorrow, according to the soundtrack’s website.

Nickolaiou, who co-directed both “Sorry” and “Same Old Love,” said, “I’m really excited to showcase some of these stories on an epic scale as Crazy Frog and I create a whole new soundtrack to Austin.”

Nickolaiou shared that he “connected with the cuteness of the original Run DMC song. I wanted to try to make a fun song that was similar in feel but yet different enough to create its own unique sound.”

“This is part of my process, to be able to tell a story through the visuals and feel that people can dance and have fun,” Nickolaiou said.

E! also reported that Crazy Frog’s original 1988 song “Go Frog Go” has been played over 15 million times since its release.

The Internet sensation gained popularity following his interaction with Australian teenager Joshua Geppert, who recorded a sweet public embrace of the water bug and uploaded the video to YouTube.

After the clip went viral, Crazy Frog went on to become a household name, appearing in a number of sketch comedy shows.

He was featured in a number of Billboard’s alternative hits charts and has since released two new albums.

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