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Capcom’s Street Fighter V: A New Fighting Game

Capcom's Street Fighter V: A New Fighting Game

Capcom’s newest ‘Street Fighter’ game takes a jab at reviving the golden age of arcades.

Street Fighter V, the latest fighting game from the team responsible for the last three games in the series, is a new entry in a line that includes three of the finest franchises in video game history: Street Fighter, Tekken, and the original Mortal Kombat.

Street Fighter V, which launched in October, is a game both critics and players have hailed as one of the biggest games of all time. It was a great way to start the year, with $1.1 million in game sales in its first week on the Xbox Live Arcade. The response has been so overwhelming that Capcom is planning sequels for the other two franchises that were so popular on the arcades in the ’80s and ’90s.

However, Street Fighter V isn’t quite the game that its predecessors were. Capcom has added a few innovations to the gameplay that are reminiscent of Sega’s 1991 arcade original, but it also introduced some subtle but vital changes to the fighting game formula. A lot of people have a pretty negative impression of how the game plays, citing the controls, the camera (it’s all very close to the player), the lack of online play, the amount of fighting elements, and how repetitive and tedious the game is.

It’s true that Street Fighter V could use a little refinement. I’ve played through the game two or three times and started to grow tired of it. There are many moments where I feel like I’m struggling to maintain a neutral fighting stance. I start to get too close to some characters and I feel like I might get hit. I’m also not always happy with the camera that the game uses. My view of things is blocked to some degree at times. And at times, I feel like the game is being overly repetitive by featuring essentially the same characters over and over in the same series of matches.

“We’re not being completely negative about what the

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