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The Chippendales: The Story of Andrew and David

The Chippendales: The Story of Andrew and David

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is an engrossing trip back in time to seedy 1980s L.A. to revisit a cult-like night club with some of the same people who gave birth to it.” – LA Times”It’s this book that will make you stop and think about how much the music we listen to, watch, read, and feel really could have been inspired by the people who created it. It’s an amazing and incredibly thought-provoking book.” – The Millions”I went to the first Chippendales when my cousin went. She was a huge influence on me. So, when David said the first Chippendales was his favourite…well, I had to go to my first Chippendales and see what they were talking about.” – LA Weekly

If you’ve ever wondered how a band could get so big in just 3 years, it’s because they made it so. The first Chippendales hit record store tops, spawned a TV show and turned a bunch of misfits (read: young, impressionable people) into overnight superstars.

As the members of Chippendales, David, Andrew, and Jason grew from the inside out one day at the Chippendales, they noticed a hole in their lives. They were missing a certain something. There was something about Chippendales—the music, the show, the energy—that brought out their best. David, Andrew, and Jason went into the real world and made their way to the West Coast, where they all got jobs, lived together, had kids, and lived the dream. The journey to fame, fortune, and the Chippendales show, which they played together to sellout crowds (some of whom, sadly, only cared about the clothes), was a long one but one that they both knew well. By the time Andrew was 18 years old, he had played his first gig with Chippendales and was going to school in order to get his degree at UCLA.

“Andrew was my brother and it’s a great honour to be the son of Chippendales,” says David, “and to be able to bring Andrew into our lives and to tell his story has been such a joy.”

But not everything was rosy. Not only was David the only

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