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The Gro Intelligence team: tackling hunger in Africa

The Gro Intelligence team: tackling hunger in Africa

Sara Menker and Gro Intelligence Are Tackling Global Hunger

Gro Intelligence has been working since 2013 to end world hunger. In the time I have worked with them, we have solved a number of their complex food problems. The team is small and they have a big purpose. They are working on a very specific part of the world: the problem of hunger in Africa.

Sara Menker is a social entrepreneur. She is working with Gro Intelligence to bring an end to the world’s hunger. That means tackling the problem of hunger in Africa.

Sara’s approach to problem solving is to ask big questions and work through them. She asks “could I make sure that all of this happens?” and then works through the different problems that might arise along the way.

Sara has a vision to solve a large world wide problem. But she’s not going to build the whole system from scratch. Instead she is going to use an innovative approach that combines technological innovation with smart data. She will take a lot of data and turn it into different outputs. She will build a system that can be run by the private sector, and can be supported by NGOs and governments all over the world.

Sara says:

“I’m looking at this from a humanitarian and tech development angle.”

“But the tech development angle doesn’t always take the best use of technology out in the beginning.”

“What if the technology development angle was to take tech development out of tech development?”

The Gro Intelligence team have a number of projects where they are applying innovative approaches to addressing poverty, hunger, and development issues in Africa.

One project is on how to build a sustainable economy in Africa with an emphasis on the private sector and the use of data. The second is on how to enable communities to innovate, build, and scale business models.

These projects use the knowledge and expertise in social entrepreneurship to develop and support solutions that will enable millions of people to escape from poverty and hunger.

A big focus of the Gro Intelligence team is on poverty through agriculture. Sara speaks passionately on this matter.

Sara speaks about the importance

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