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The House Speaker was attacked by a womanizer

The House Speaker was attacked by a womanizer

What is known about the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband that has set off a political firestorm?

It has been alleged that the attack was motivated by his ties to Barack Obama.

The FBI investigation was conducted jointly with local police.

The investigation resulted in no charges and no arrests.

The attack was a direct result of the ongoing controversy over the former president’s citizenship.

The Speaker’s husband, Democratic Representative Charles Rangel, was born outside Chicago.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives had to be rushed to the hospital on May 4 after being attacked by a political attacker.

Rep. Rangel was in the habit of drinking to excess and became extremely aggressive with his wife.

There were many incidents of domestic abuse during the marriage.

On New Year’s Eve, 2010, Mrs. Rangel told an acquaintance, “He’s just a human being with anger management issues.”

Charles Rangel had a reputation for being a womanizer and an alcoholic.

A profile in New York Magazine described the then-Congressman as a “slightly slovenly, red-faced, chain-smoking man who is both rich, and a little strange.”

He was also known for his drinking.

“At this time, Rangel was drinking with a friend, and at some point he asked the friend who he wanted to have sex with,” wrote “New York’s” Michael Symons.

“His friend suggested a particular well-to-do woman who happened not to be married. As one of [Charles Rangel’s] friends put it, ‘You can have a nice home, but you can’t have a big cock.’ “

The woman he selected was Nancy Pelosi.

“In the ensuing weeks, Nancy Pelosi’s good looks never faltered. As she was to discover years later, Charlie had never had any luck with women,” Symons wrote, “and

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