We’ll be talking about May’s dinner at Chequers for the next few weeks

10 a.m. update: Theresa May’s office confirms the pair are still talking.

3 a.m. update: Boris Johnson has said he wants to be the next Prime Minister and tells party members his time has come.

“When one of you comes, then we will hand you the baton to run the country”, said May in response.

1 a.m. update: Johnson has been calling to change May’s leadership for some time.

He needs her support, but if she runs away from the task he may just take matters into his own hands.

He’s also complaining about May’s decision to push back her plans for Brexit.

If a cabinet meeting on Monday is anything to go by the clock is ticking on May’s support.

10 a.m. update: It’s been a day of ministerial tantrums for both Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

We’ve got a view on who’s winning this battle from BoJo himself.

Meanwhile, over in Downing Street, the signs are that the bill to amend May’s party conference speech might fail today.

There were rumblings of dissent by cabinet ministers in the Brexit select committee, which means May needs them all on her side.

Who knows if they will back down after some soul searching?

7:20 a.m. update: Boris Johnson may just realise that he can’t say everything he wants in an interview for an article for the Times.

He was asked about extending Article 50, Brexit and the housing crisis, and this is how he answered each question:

All of which is fine – if you’re a journalist, according to the Daily Telegraph’s Henry McLeish.

But it’s not exactly what you’d want to hear from a potential party leader. And it’s not going to be the line Tories hoping for when the next election begins.

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