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Why Paid Signature Gatherers Are Legal

Why Paid Signature Gatherers Are Legal

Letters to the Editor: Why are paid signature gatherers even legal?

To the Editor:

The question of why paid signature gatherers are legal is a legitimate one.

There are several legal issues that we have to weigh up, to consider and ultimately decide whether these paid signature gatherers are legal in their day-to-day operations.

First, the act of a paid signature gatherer is not the same as the act of a professional signature gatherer.

A professional signature gatherer does not simply go into the office of a prospective client and get a signature, as a paid signature gatherer is paid to do. They do not even do that.

They cannot do it. They wouldn’t. As an unlicensed person, they are not allowed to do it.

Instead, a paid signature gatherer gets a contract from a client which states a signature must be on the contract before the contract can be executed.

In exchange for this service, the client pays them a fee. They then go out and try to find people to sign the contract. But this is not legal.

To do any activity on the land that is not a licensed business is illegal.

The contract that is created for a paid signature gatherer to come to your door is the same as a business license. If you don’t have a license, you can’t do anything on the land.

It is also illegal to sell a piece of land without a building permit. A building permit is a legal document which states how the building is going to be constructed, what it is going to be used for, how it is to be constructed, where it is going to be constructed and the name of the authorized person. These are all essential elements that must be included in a building permit.

If a paid signature gatherer goes to your house and creates a written contract, without these important parts, it is illegal.

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